Due to today’s high expectations of efficient and quick reporting, we have local agents in most Mexican ports and manage to service all Mexican ports including Manzanillo, Veracruz, Altamira, Tampico, Lazaro Cárdenas, Acapulco and more.
With extreme dedication and an appetite for service, we offer such services as on-Hire/off-Hire, draft surveys, and cargo and container condition inspection. See below for a full list of services.

Vessel Inspection

  • On-Hire & Off-Hire
  • Draft Surveys
  • Bunker Surveys
  • Vessel & Hold(s) Condition Surveys
  • Loading/Unloading Equipment Surveys (both in vessel and on land)
  • Cleanliness and/or Contamination of Hold(s) Inspection
  • Cargo Gear Surveys
  • Safety Equipment Inspection
  • Fuels – Quantity & Quality Inspection
  • Sale, Rent and/or Insurance of any & all types of vessel inspection
  • Deck & Engine Inspection (Classification Status, Safety Equipment, Navigation, Communication, Propulsion, Certificates, etc)
  • Pre-Sale Inspections & Vessel Condition Surveys
  • P & I Surveys
  • Damage & Repair Inspections
  • “Lay-up & Reactivation” Surveys
  • “Tow Approval” Surveys
  • General Consulting and Research

Container Inspection

  • Inspection and certification of all types of containers, including refrigerated (RF), Tank Containers, and Dry Cargo (DC)
  • On-Hire & Off-Hire
  • “Pre-Trip Inspection” (PTI) for Freezer Containers
  • Inspection to all types of Tank Containers; types I, II & III, statutory by 2.5 and 5 year tests
  • CSC Inspections
  • On-Board Breakdowns & Road Accidents
  • All Types of Container Operation Surveys
  • Proper Packing, Lashing, & Stowage of Load(s) Surveys
  • Certification for Container Theft Prevention
  • Operation, Control, and Fault of Generator Sets, Power Packs, etc.
  • Reefer Container Trailer Claims, Certification Plans, Specifications, Construction, Repair, and Reconstruction

Chemical, Mineral & Agricultural Inspection

  • Pre-Shipment Surveys
  • Quantity & Quality Inspection for Agricultural Products
  • Agricultural Product Sampling
  • Machinery Inspection
  • Hold & Storage Facility Inspection
  • Pre-Loading & Loading Surveys
  • Port Captain Attendance
  • Lashing & Securing Surveys
  • Outturn Surveys
  • Liquid Cargo Quantity
  • Ullage Surveys for Liquid Cargo
  • Deadfreight Surveys
  • Hazardous Goods (IMO, IMDG)
  • Schedules, Time, & Motion of Loading/Unloading
  • Physical & Chemical Lab Testing Supervision
  • Norms & International Practices
  • Perishable Product Inspections
  • Refrigerated or Frozen Cargo Inspections
  • Cargo Under Controlled Atmospheric Condition Inspections
  • Humidity & Contamination Surveys
  • Certification of Compliance (no-exception)
  • Industrial Norms & Processes Verification
  • Breakdowns, Adjustments, & Estimates

Industrial Plant & Project Cargo Inspection

  • Project Cargo Inspection, Lashing, Insurance, & Measurement of Maximum Dimensions for Ships and Containers
  • Industrial Plant Certification & Welder Qualification
  • Hold & Warehouses Inspections
  • Offshore Equipment & Platforms
  • Safety Equipment Inspection
  • Non-Destructive Welding & Pressure Container Testing
  • Pressure Gauge in Tanks & Pipelines Testing and Certification

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