About CargoInspec

About Cargo Inspecciones

Cargo Inspecciones is an international cargo and vessel inspections company based in Mexico. Established in September 1985, CargoInspec has closed over 14,000 survey cases/studies and/or certification for a large number of ships, cargo, containers, and industrial plants.

Our main activity is the inspection and certification for all types of vessels, shipments, and cargo during international shipping via sea, air or land. Additionally, we operate in the context of standardization and international arbitration in the transportation industry and insurance, achieving our goal of fairness, accuracy, and professionalism, according to both the application of international standards and practices and our own high standards.

Certification and inspection companies CIMS International, NV, and TAG Group Company/ICIB have recognized Cargo Inspecciones (“CargoInspec”) as exclusive agents and surveyors in Mexico since 1985.  CIMS International, NV, “Inspection and Marine Cargo Services” located in Antwerp, Belgium and TAG Group Company, located in London and Hamburg, are respected certification/inspection companies with offices and representatives worldwide.

The founder, CEO, and sole director is Mr. Francisco M. Suquet, with over 40 years of experience inspecting all types of vessels, agricultural, industrial, and chemical cargo, manufacturing and certification of containers, platforms, and offshore equipment.

We are also inspectors for International Classification Societies of Inspection, equivalent to Lloyds, recognized as industry-leading, serious societies such as Paris France’s Bureau Veritas (“BV”), a Classification Society founded in 1828, as well as the American Bureau of Shipping (“ABS”) society in New York, founded in 1862.

The undersigned is the first and only independent inspector in Mexico, approved by the IICL, Institute of International Container Lessors, Ltd., New York.

The company, in addition to nearly 30 years of experience in the field of supervision, inspection, and international certification, conducts arbitration, third party proceedings, and commissioning as well as loss adjustment and breakdowns.

Furthermore, CargoInspec, executed a large number of inspections for the Foreign Assurance Gard of Norway, the American Club of the United Kingdom Mutual Steam Ship Assurance Association, and the West of England Insurance Services, Ltd. as well as for several other companies related to international insurance institutions and P & I Clubs.

Our technical knowledge is backed by various courses conducted in the Compagnie General Maritime, Paris, France, Japan, and London, as well as the experience gained from over 14,000 inspections in the cases we contract.